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   This Exhibition has ended. However, (below) you can view photographs from the actual event.


Recent Works by MFA II
Book Arts/Printmaking Graduate Students
(Show was Dec. 2002)

Macy Chadwick
Jeanmarie Cost
Jerushia Graham
Lisa Hasgewa
Marta Rivera
Jude Robison
Marisha Simons
Jill Sluka

     On this page you will get a chance to see  installation views of the gallery with all the artists works. However, the close ups are mainly of my own work for now. Also, soon my artist statement of this work will be posted!!!

First is my  work:
Installation Views (above & right)
Jill Sluka (ME) standing in front of my work at the critique after the show.
Jill's Eye     Screenprinting ink painted on clear mylar,    overlapping mirrored mylar.
Reflections of reflections      Aquatint Etchings on                                         paper overlaying aluminum flashing
Hand # Hand Mirrors, Altered with 2 types of mirrored mylar, paint, and other various materials.
Aluminum Flashing projecting reflections as they happen in an instant in time.
Artist Statement

    'How "real" was a mask, or the painting of a face, or a reflection in

a mirror? Did its reality depend on the moment of perception, when the

public saw the actor act, or when someone looked upon the features

of a loved one dead, or when someone caught his or her own likeness

in a circle of polished metal? Or did the reality of these images have

an ongoing existence, beyond the eye of the beholder?'(Manguel


    According to a French psyhiatrist Jacques Lacan: 'the child identifies

with an outside image, a mirror image, which both allows him mastery

over his body and provokes in him an essential sense of alienation. This

identification with an image takes place about eighteen months: prior to

that age, "infants do not seem to know what they are seeing in a mirror

is their own reflection," says the American psychiatrist Daniel N. Stern. "

This can be shown by surreptitiously marking infants' faces with rouge,

so that they are unaware that the mark has been placed. When younger

infants see their reflections, they point to the mirror and not to

themselves. After the age of eighteen months or so, they touch the rouge

on their own faces instead of just pointing to the mirror. They now know

that they can be objectified, that is, represented in some form that exists

outside of their subjectively felt selvs." (Manguel 162-163).

    This current work investigates how one's seeing of reality is distorted,

a reflection of self, and that a reflection has a reality beyond the moment

of seeing it.

Manguel, Alberto. Reading Pictures:A History of Love and Hate. Random House, Inc., New York.200.
Aquatint etching adhered to an eletrical box in the gallery which was painted silver.
ALL OF OUR SECRETS opening night:
Guests Viewing Work
(3 left) Some of Marta Rivera's work.
Jude Robison (above pic. on left) talking to a guest about her work in the cases.
Jerushia Graham's work (above pic.) in the foreground.
Marisha Simons' work (above pic.) in the background.
Marisha Simons and her encaustic painting  (above pic.).
Installation view (above pic.) of Macy Chadwick's work.
Lisa Hasegawa's work being viewed.   (above pic.).
Jeanmarie Cost and her work.  (above pic.).
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