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Dick Blick Art Materials
Page created by Jill Sluka 2003.
    The first few images show cases at an exhibition I had at the MEZ . Located at The University of the Arts in Philly. All the works that are Gum Bichromate are sized with
non animal based gelatin. At the time no one knew if it would work because normally these papers are sized with animal gelatin. So I did enough research to get myself started on what seemed to be a lot of failed experimentation. Finally I came up with a mixture that fit my needs. To learn more about the gelatins I used and to see some of my research click this link:


A Non - Silver Process
Gum Bichromate
with non - animal based gelatin sizing

research and images by Jill Sluka 2003
The following images are for sale !

If you scroll over some of them you will see how the prints look unmatted.

Prices, sizes, details of each print and more images will becoming soon.

This plywood box was made by projecting a sunlamp over inkwashes on clear mylar to individual panels that were coated. Then the box was put together. The blocks contain wood burnings and metallic spray paint with cyanotype images.
The image above is the closest to the true color of the box.
The pictures on the box panels and blocks are of various artist tools. I don't think I need to say anymore.

It was made around