Art is the world in which we live. Artists as musicians, writers,
 painters,etc... create the world in which we all live. It is within the 
artists' creativity and imagination that creates the visual and 
physical human world of today, yesterday, and tomorrow. It is 
within an artist's nightmares and dreams made public that creates 
today's human world. This includes cloning in which was once only
written about in science fiction novels and movies; today it is a 
reality created by scientists through imagination.
     In my own work I prefer to concentrate on animal rights and other
political issues. Some call me a political artist. Usually my style is a
form of realism called idealism. However, I create other areas of 
interest some of no deliberate content and others such as: Portrait 
works of all of earth's creatures (man, animal,etc...); Abstractions 
through use of color, value, and texture to create visual representations of emotions and/or thoughts; and just about anything a consumer will request (commissioned).
     I paint my subject matter with acrylic paint and use only synthetic brushes. The size of the picture planes and frames depend on what the content calls for or what the consumer requests. Also, I draw in charcoal, pastels, pencil,etc.. I create prints with intaglio techniques, photo etchings (images on film), monotypes, and monoprints. Basically, I prefer these methods of fine art because I feel more in control and comfortable with these methods. Essentially, I think drawing is the basis of every form of art which shows in my prints and paintings. I believe that even when you are just looking around you are drawing the very object in which your vision falls upon. You are seeing its shape, form, weight, color, texture, and distance in which the mass of the object creates in this physical world. Anyway, sometimes my creations fall into mixed media works because they either call for it or my love for so many different techniques takes over.
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Self Portriat 
Acrylic paint on 
stretched paper
 Pastels drawn 
      on top.
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