My E - Mail is located on every page of this site in the left column . If you are not interested in purchasing anything and just have some comments about the site or creations, please, feel free to use the same e-mail. I will try to get back to you within 48 hours........
.... in which the product will be completed and sent to you.
    Any products on this site that are already priced must be paid for before I ship it out to you!!! Once I get some shipping prices estimated , after a few orders I will post them . I will take checks but they must clear before I ship anything...
    As you have noticed some items are pre - priced on this site. Some are just to get ideas of what kind of service I can provide you. Paintings and drawings make a great gift.             They are one of a kind!!!
    To sell work to you fairly I cannot create a price for commissioned  works that would be fair to each individual piece. For say . . . (EX: I said 18 x 24 paintings were $300.00 and you wanted a portrait on that size and someone else wanted 3 people on that same size. Well, obviously the one .......  
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This page was last updated on: September 6, 2007
Images On This Site Are NOT
For Reprodution. Some are for sale and others only for viewing purposes!!!
...with the three people will take more time and well, " Time is Money".)!! So, I cannot only take size into consideration nor just time!
    So, you will have to E-Mail me with your idea of what you want and I can send you back an Estimate. This is the only way to be fair to everyone including myself ! ! We will then agree upon a price and a method of payment. Of course, I will need some of the money up front to insure the creation will be bought and to give me enough to produce the creation. Also, during this transaction we will discuss a time frame ....
    Thank you for visiting my site.
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