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  "Sammy" is based on a true story.It is a short commical handmade (hand sewn) book. The cover is grey and on Canson paper.It was originally drawn in ebony pencil.
  Sammy is a real cat whom was born blind in one eye whom I took home from William Patterson University. He lived there for a short time coming from an owner whom could not keep him in her apartment. He really didn't smell because he needed a bath but because he had a gas problem. He had to adjust to the new  healthier food in which my other three cats eat. Although he has had 2 baths since bringing him home .(It wasn't easy) . He really doesn't like water. 8 months later he finally doesn't stink!!!
The story was influenced by a sketck my sister created when visiting one day. Of course, while Sammy still had his problem.
It is the second artist book I created. The first one is not an edition and not for sale.
  "The Unknown" was an assignment in which all the Printmaking/ Bookmaking grad. students took part in. We were each to bring in two found images and to found text; not knowing whom was to get what. Then we were to create a book based on what we ended up with and to still find ourselves or voice using what we had.
The cover is black Canson paper. The images were originally drawn with Ebony pencil and ink.
  Not every page is shown of the books presented here. If your interested in purchasing one and want to see all the pages before buying it then you must e-mail me.

I don't like to give away the whole story.
The Postcard!
The Influence:   Never really knew how to sew or create books; other than drawing images for them. So, I found my Book Binding course to be a challnge. This is shown in the text of the card and when the window is opened you can see how I felt.

Enclosed: a needle, a thread, a cone, and a sign that reads "Moron at Work"!
The text on the front was created with Letter Press and the cone and sign were printed on my Epson 900.

There are very few left!

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An Intense mixed media Book.

The Influence:   I attended an intensive several day writing workshop in 2003. This book came from that. In order to be sold I need to make a more durable copy. This workshop was intended to get you started.

It Reads:

pg.1       A resting paeceful comfort

pg.2        awaits my nights 

pg.3        after dizzying days fulfill  this

pg.4        Uncomfortably warm
                        in an old musty

pg.5        Laughter

pg.6        annoyance
                      of a showering

pg.7        Quickly
                   warm blood

(pg. 7 is not shown here but is a transparent layer that overlaps pg. 8 showing a compression of what appears to be some sort of blood).

pg.8        into
                  the veins 
                            in my head.

pg.9            I

(pg.9 not shown here opens to a blue sky with words in white. The narrator is saved by one breathe).           

A Collaborative book of poems and short stories.
Each one of us hand bound are own copy.   NFS
An Old book I restored in 2003. The cover was falling
a part and pages falling out. It looked as though someone threw it in a swamp somewhere.   NFS
A box I made of lace for a portfolio exchange container. Don't know if I ever want to work with lace again. 
This book is hand bound and created by Jill Sluka and Marta Rivera. It is a fun instructional book. Edition of 20. Only nine left!