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   This Exhibition has ended. However, (below) you can view photographs from the actual
event. Also, there is an unedited video you can purchase for $10 by e-mailing me (+1hr./VHS).

   This is one of the most fun events I participated in.
Jill Sluka's Board      Marisha Simons' Board
Marta Rivera
   Marisha Simons and Marta Rivera are 2 of the MFA students that I share my graduate Printmaking/Book Arts experience with at The University of The Arts.

    (Later you will see some photographs of this event that Marta took. The Photos you are viewing now are my own.)

    Marta is inking a plate in preparation for the steam roller's print. During this event the road was shutdown and there was a live band playing music in the background.
    Marisha Simons and Marta Rivera (Left) are preparing MORE plates.(Below)

Oops!! Image to the right is out of order! This is after the cloth was laid out and the Steam Roller left.
This is when the Boards were laid out and the Steam Roller was on its way!
In front of the Steam Roller is a HUGE white roll of cloth.
   On the left is the rest of my photographs. I ran out of film and had to take the end of this event with slide film So, the following images are Marta Rivera's (Below).

    Participants stand around listening to instructions and waiting for the signal when to carefully remove the cloth from the boards ( The ink isn't dry yet!).
    The 260 foot cloth is removed and sits next to the boards to dry before it gets paraded down Broad Street into Solmessen Court in Dorrance Hamilton Hall to hang while we all eat and drink.The beautifully taken photographs your about to view show just this!
  Hanging this print was more work then it appears in these photos!

     All photographs on this site are not to be reproduced without the premission from the photographers.

    Remember there is a video of this event you can order by e-mailing me!