This Image was scanned in parts and then put together. It was too large to scan as a whole. The paper is not actually wrinkled nor folded.

This original image is a drawing by Dega in which I used as a muscle study.

This drawing is the back end of a male nude laying in a wagon. It was also pieced together once inside the PC.

This Nude is part of a series of paintings and drawings I was exploring. I call the series "Parasites".

This Drawing is a part of "Parasites". Yes, the humans are the parasites. Wrapping around the tree,Choking the tree of all life. Taking more than what they give back........


Also, Part of the "Parasite" series. The Humans loose limbs and start to be more bug like as the crawl on the earth.
(Scanned in 1/2).

The Blue egg forms are located throughout several of the images from the series "Parasites". In this case the body is like food for the hatchlings (cannabalism?).

Touch of Destruction???

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The following drawings are part of a  series in which I was exploring emotions.
Title of the series of course is "Emotions".
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